So why should you use our service? what is the benefit? Well, it does not make sense for everyone to use a recruiting agency.

It doesn’t make sense if…

-Your organization has a solid team or internal recruiters who are properly filling your vacancies

-You receive many qualified applicants to your job postings on various sites

-The amount of revenue your vacancy role brings in does not justify the need to pay a fee in order to have it filled more quickly

It does make sense if….

-Your organization has no recruiting staff, or the recruiting staff is not large enough to manage the amount of vacancies

-You do not receive the candidates you are seeking from job boards

-Your positions are not being filled in a timely manner, ultimately causing your organization large amounts of revenue

-The vacancies you are seeking to fill are very niche specialties and your HR team is unable to juggle the investigative duties in finding candidates with the specific skills required, along with handling all of the other HR functions

Example: A Hospital has spent 4 months seeking a Physician in a specialty that brings in on average $150,000 in revenue for the hospital (and this is around the national average). After taking into consideration salary and benefits, in 4 months this is a $480,000 loss for the hospital

Another Hospital in the same city utilized a recruiting agency and acquired a physician in 1 month. After paying the recruiting agency for their services and taking account of the positions salary and benefits, the organization is only at a $150,000 loss in revenue for the one month they were unable to fill this vacancy.

1. Get access to more quality candidates

Recruiting is not a quick process. It takes time, effort, vetting, collaboration among many entities. More specifically; Screening CV’s, communication and follow up, negotiations, interviews (sometimes several) and on top of all of this, many administrative duties. A quality recruitment agency can be a huge benefit as we posses a specialized access to job boards, software applications and learned investigative techniques to find the passive candidates who are not on job boards or even actively seeking a career change. In addition to this, we possess an already build talent pipeline which could be one of the largest benefits.

2. Save time

Time is money and we save you a lot of time.

The process of finding a quality and qualified candidate is a timely process.

As a result of doing the same process of recruiting, and recruiting only, we have continued to develop and strengthen our system. This is what we do, from dawn to dusk and the proof is in the pudding as the perfections are in the details. The small details we address what ultimately makes us effective.

3. Market Knowledge

We speak with other recruiting firms, recruiters, candidates, clients and other individuals closely related to the industry day in and day out. We are aware of what candidates are expecting in terms of compensation, benefits, environment and culture. We know the hot buttons and the cold ones. As a result, we know what the realistic expectations should be for filling many vacancies and what needs to be done to negotiate in the right candidates

4. Recruitment Knowledge

Well, are we actually “specialist” in what we do. You bet we are.

Down to what to say, how to say it and how to make your vacancy compelling, this is simply what we do, our chosen profession. It is the small difference that matter. The key words, the right time and the right process.

5. Employer Branding

We will honor your employer branding. We will ensure to present your organization in a professional manner. This is one aspect of our process that we do not take lightly.

6. Less risk

We put our money were our mouth is. We are going to ensure we find the right candidate, and if after a specified amount of time in our personal contractual agreement with you, if the candidate is not a fit, we honor our warranty clause.