Watson Biosearch is an executive recruitment agency with a focused effort in the Healthcare and Biotechnology industries. Their are many recruiting agencies, but what sets Watson Biosearch apart is the individual attention provided to each client. This organization focuses on very few roles at a time, allowing the team to focus on swift acquisitions of essential personnel who are an imperative part of your organizations structure and process.

In addition to Urgency and a Timeline focused approach, you are also provided with Quality. Watson Biosearch provides background checks, reference and educational verification on each potential candidate, meanwhile, asking those important and sometime personal questions to ensure that each candidate is assessed both professionally, and from a motivational aspect. Watson Biosearch does not just say “hey this is john doe and his resume”, instead you are provided with an overall picture.

Lastly, with Watson Biosearch you are obtaining a team of seasoned, well versed and hard working recruiters, up to par on the latest and most efficient software technologies and methods within the recruiting industry, and all of this for a rate that is 40% less than industry average. We do not belief in retained searches, it is about YOU and YOUR business, not US and OUR pockets, therefore, all of our efforts are on a contingent basis. We look forward to working with you.

Our motto: No Search Too Difficult