We are now, more than ever, in a transitional phase of today’s healthcare industry. With focus shifting from quantity to quality of outcomes, the overall effect has complicated the process and capability of many hospitals and healthcare organizations to acquire quality personnel at a pace that is consistent with patient needs and organizational function. All of this, along with the consistent aging population, global healthcare reform, rapid healthcare and medical technology advancements has severely hindered many organizations talent acquisition capabilities.

Although these challenges have proven to be consistent for the large majority of healthcare organizations, it has proven to be a time for some to readjust their process in a way that will permit continuous organizational growth and process. The ability for these organizations to pivot the way they acquire talent, and adjust the overall strategy in place, has proven to be the one decision that will have a domino effect on the success of those organizations in many other areas of function. While some are in a state of “shock” on how to react to these changes, the successful organizations have readjusted and executed as necessary, acquiring those individuals that will ultimately set the standard of care and quality for their organization. That is were we come in.

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